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Wilderness System Tarpon 120Wilderness System Tarpon 120

Even though the Tarpon 120 kayak has exactly what you would expect from a first class craft, it has so much more.

Story by Craig Mcsween, as taken from Fishing Monthly, May 2012.

The Tarpon 120 comes with four carry handles at the bow, stern and sides, has a large rear well area and eight scupper holes to drain water quickly from the cockpit – most of which can be found in similar models. The difference with the Tarpon is that its’ list of extra features is almost too many to mention.

The large oval hatch at the front and the 8″ hatch directly in front of the paddler are both hinged, with a very easy to operate lever closure. Inside both hatches are attachment points to connect smaller items so that they don’t slide around to unreachable parts of the kayak. I would be splitting all my fishing gear into containers that can fit in this centre hatch and clip onto the attachment strap with a plastic carabiner.

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