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Pulling Boat

Australia has some of the most beautiful timbers in the world, and a classic hand crafted boat is one of the best ways to display them.

Unfortunately, we have no available shots of the Shannon Pulling Boat but the promotional video covers the vessel very well.

 Shannon Pulling Boats


  • Length 14′ – 1″ (4.3m.)
  • Beam 4′ – 2″ (1.27m.)
  • Draught – 8″ (0.2m)
  • Oar Length 9′ – 1″ (2.77m.)
  • Cruising Speed 4 Knots



  • Clinker (Lapstrake)
  • Planking – White Beech, Cedar, Hoop Pine or Marine Ply
  • Ribs – Spotted Gum
  • Most other timbers – Flooded Gum (Rose Gum)
  • Transom – Generally as for planking
  • Fastenings – Copper and Silicon Bronze



Sliding seat, folding bronze outriggers and dish shaped hull sections provide for a very fast rowing machine. Carries momentum beautifully in choppy water and has a deep keel aft for good straight tracking.

Hull exterior traditional oil based marine varnish or hard wearing polyurethane.

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